What our clients say…

We would like to thank our customers for all of the nice letters we have received. You make being in business a pleasure and continue to remind us — we love what we do!  Here is a video and some comments:

Video of customer testimonial and Goller Grade and Gravel building a water feature (courtesy of Kitsap Life on Vimeo).


I find Jeff Goller to be reliable, resourceful and he does a beautiful job.

Georg Syvertsen, Bainbridge Island


 I just wanted to tell you one more time how happy I am with the work you did at our home last week.  You definitely exceeded our expectations in devising and implementing a plan to correct our driveway drainage problem.  You not only added in extra touches, but the area you worked in looks even better than before you did the work.  I cannot express how grateful we are that we will no longer have to stress over flooding in our garage or house when it rains.  I have already recommended your services to a co-worker and would not hesitate to do so again.  There isn’t a single aspect of the work you did that I wasn’t ecstatic over.

My thanks to you, Felix and Chris for a beautiful job!

 Susie Black, Supply Systems Analyst, DLA Distribution at Puget Sound

Jeff, Thank you so much. It’s such a gift that I know I can call on you for help with all sorts of projects. I appreciate it. Take care,

Diane Brintzenhofe, Poulsbo

THANK YOU for the beautiful walkway and great driveway repair.  You have a great crew.

Pam Conyers, Bainbridge Island

The water feature is fantastic!  Lights make it more than we ever imagined. Thanks for all.

Rob McIntyre, Keyport

Jeff, Just a note to thank you for the great job you did on our pond.  As you know, this was something that I thought my son and I could do.  As we got into it, it was clear we were in way over our heads.  We appreciate your quick response when Marji called and your getting started on the project right away.  You were here when you said you would be here, your crew worked hard  from the start of the day to the end, and you completed the pond when you said you would–things we have not always found in contractors we have employed.  The suggestions you made about materials, lighting, holy-rocks and general layout were much appreciated and made the pond much nicer than it would have been had we tried to do it ourselves.  Your idea for a beach for the grandkids and a fire pit for the family make this a real focal point for our property.  You were thorough and professional.  We appreciate it.  Please pass along our compliments to Felix and Marcel for all of their hard work.
Landon and Marji Brazier, Port Orchard

Hi Jeff…. I just wanted to tell you how much joy my water feature gives me,    Every day,,,from every window,,,from outside from every angle,,,from the sound,,,the lights,,,,’it is beautiful and I treasure it.  Thank you again for such a beautiful addition to my life,

…..I just feel happy whenever I view my pond…..so amazing,   You are an artist!!

Gretchen Moores-Hooper

Dear Jeff & Carrie, I thought it was time to put into words the thanks and gratitude for the pondless waterfall you installed early last summer.  It’s been almost a year and I have enjoyed ever season, as well as every day.  Since my husband passed away, this waterfall has been the only thing that has given me peace and serenity, both in looks and sounds.  I watch from inside the house as well as sitting on the bench I installed close to it.  It draws more birds than I have ever seen in my garden, so we all enjoy it.  It is very popular with every visitor I have.

I couldn’t be happier with it and the other work Jeff and his crew have done for me.  In fact, I keep calling them back for more since I know they will do a good job.  Thanks again,

Hazel E. Thornton, Poulsbo

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you and yoru crew did on our driveway…

Judy and Ed Mankes

Dr. Jeff Goller
Ph.D. Surface Water Hydrology and Pondology

Dear Dr. Goller,

Reenie, our daughter Xena, and I want to thank you very much for both the quick and thorough repair of our waterfall and pond as well as the most complete cleaning it has ever had. We can now see the bottom, and the water is sparkling clear for the first time since we purchased the property in 2006. The green is gone!

We would be honored to be included in any list of your maintenance clients and would be pleased to answer any questions a future prospect might have about you. We found you and your crew to be punctual, professional, thorough, efficient and even managed to work with smiles on their faces. Not only that but you were very educational, and we learned a lot about our pond and waterfall and the hydrological properties thereto. We will follow your suggestions and ask you to do some planting when we are sure that we have mastered the bacteria treatments you prescribed. We will try to not name the plants.

Obviously we are all pleased with your work, professor, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. I enjoy pouring you your one-half cup of coffee, no sugar or cream, and our visit.

Thanks to you, Carrie and your crew.

Best Wishes,
The Cowans of Bainbridge


On behalf of Manzanita Water Association, I want to thank you again for the nice work you and your crew did on our flush-valve installation last week. I thought the work was done in a very professional manner, and I was pleased that the charges were as we agreed in your original proposal, in spite of the surprises encountered along the way. I was particularly impressed with the way your crew worked, even in your absence. They were always focused on the task at hand, and approached their work thoughtfully and with a lot of energy. They clearly took pride in doing a quality job. Again, thanks for your help.

Richard Randall
Manzanita Water Association

Jeff,  Diane and I would like to thank you for the water feature and pond installation work completed in June. The project exceeded our expectations and transformed the difficult -and prominent- landscape area into a fantastic addition to our home and property. Seeing some of your other water feature work in person and in pictures, in addition to the excellent work Goller Grading has done for us previously, we felt confident the job would be top quality and it is. 

It is nice to work with a contractor who is willing to work with a client, listening to what the client wants, offering ideas and solutions to reach the desired outcome. Having done the majority of the work ourselves on our home and property, we are very picky about who completes work on our home. We appreciate the fact that you and your crew could come in and complete the work, doing an excellent job in a timely manner. Both the pond and two streams turned out better than expected. Our family spends many hours around this area now when previously it was just a messy, unfinished area that I would dread whacking down the brush and weeds on. We have had many compliments from friends and guests on the entire project, of course they want one just like it !. Diane and I  have been adding our own touches to the area, through plantings and the fire pit area, and it is really looking good. Again, thank you for the top quality job you and your crew did.

Russ and Diane Winger, Tracyton

Dear Jeff,  We can’t express how much we love our pond and waterfall. It is a whole new dimension to a front yard that was rarely ever used. Now, people walk by and want to see where the water sounds come from and where they go. It is so very peaceful and has become a place that we spend time at daily.   We are seriously considering to add a second pond to connect with the existing one. 

Your crew was always prompt, courteous, and cleaned up really well each day they were here. Keep up the good work!     Warm Regards,

Chas and Sharon Hart, Bainbridge Island

Mr. Jeff Goller of Goller Grade and Gravel has constructed a water feature here at First Baptist. Of course, we think it is great. Yet, since we lack expert knowledge of such things this opinion could be questioned. We have had people in the business of building Aquascapes, other satisfied owners, and the general public tell us we have a beautiful feature here on our church campus.

Jeff has the right mix of men and machines to be active in the full spectrum of aquascapes. Jeff is always looking for new ideas and materials to introduce to his clients. 

Pastor Dan, Senior Pastor of First Baptist, Bainbridge Island

Jeff installed a pondless waterfall for us at our new home.  We were amazed that Jeff and his crew were done in less than a day and we now have a beautiful water feature right outside our window!  We have had lots of positive comments on it and enjoy the sound of the water.  Neighbors and friends have admired it and asked Jeff if he would install one for them.  We have not had any troubles, our waterfall has been running day in and day out since last spring when it was installed with no problems at all. 

Jeff’s crew worked hard and cleaned up the site, leaving no mess behind.  Goller Grade & Gravel enjoys a very good reputation for quality workmanship and businesslike demeanor, which is hard to come by with contractors.  We are happy to say we can highly recommend Jeff and his crew.

Bud and Sindy Piehl, Poulsbo


Mr. Goller:
I LOVE my driveway! Thank you so much!
I have planted grass and put the mulch in the back yard and hope that the grass will grow and keep the dirt that you so ably placed, where it is. It looks so nice. I know also that you filled the pot holes in the drive and for that I am truly grateful. I appreciate all that you have done for me so many times.
Melodee Smith, Poulsbo

Jeff, A brief note to let you know how pleased I am with the job you and your crew did for me this past Thursday/Friday. You have a good crew, friendly and conscientious. I couldn’t ask for better.

Rudy Meyer, Bainbridge Island

It’s been about 3 months since Jeff brought out Felix and Dale to excavate our property and then organize the mess into a usable yard.  Since then I’ve had occasions where I needed to make appointments with various contractors and I have this to say:  I have never EVER worked with anyone who has even come close to the exceptional work ethic that Jeff and his crew exhibited while working on our project.  These guys are truly one-of-a-kind.  They were never late and often early, rarely took breaks, worked exactly the time-frame expected and did it all with a smile.  One of the things that impressed me most was their ability to accept redirection without seeming put-upon or disgruntled.  The entire experience was altogether pleasant and I will absolutely use Goller Grade & Gravel again and will also recommend them to everyone I know.

Niabi Drew

Thanks Jeff and crew — what a difference it makes to this overgrown, wooded site to have an even, smooth, stable driveway.  I hate to see people drive on it, it’s so pretty!
                                                                                              Becky Fox Marshall

For years we have had to deal with failed do-it-yourself landscaping attempts and weeds on our in-town on-a-hill corner lot; we were at our wits end.  We were tired of not being able to have a decent front yard; feeling that our yard was the “eye sore” of the neighborhood.  We noticed (hard to miss) that our next door neighbor was having a rock wall built [by Goller Grade & Gravel] in their front yard to relieve the same type of problem we were having (weeds, hill, corner lot).  The next thing you know; JEFF, CARRIE, and FELIX to the rescue!  Two and a half weeks later, a beautiful rock wall covered the street-side perimeter of our corner lot and the neighborhood “eye sore” was GONE!  Their final product is BEAUTIFUL, their work ethic is SUPERIOR , and their customer support is FANTASTIC. They consistently concerned themselves with maintaining a clean and neat work area and never ended their work day without cleaning the area and putting away their tools.  Their finished work is outstanding: I have had many of the neighborhood residents stop as they drive or walk by to comment on how beautiful the “THE WALL” is, yet it is not overpowering (almost 200 linear feet of rock wall along the street).  We can’t say enough about how their creative efforts have transformed our residence into a home that we are proud to say is ours.  Thanks Jeff, Carrie, and Felix.  

John and April Ritter, Poulsbo

Here are a few other letters:

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on the grading, graveling and prep work for the sidewalks and planting beds at our church! Your work and your communication with us was outstanding and it allowed us to end up with exactly what we needed and wanted. One job turned into another — all done in perfect timing with our sidewalk project. We truly appreciate your fine work and the extra things you did to help us! Thanks again for helping to make the entire project run smoothly and we hope to work with you again as we continue with our landscaping plans for the church.         

Linda and James Strickler, for the Grounds Committee at the Christian Science Church, Bainbridge Island

After years of driving around and through the many mud holes that pockmarked our quarter-mile driveway, Goller Grade and Gravel recently regraded it, smoothing it’s lumps and bumps and adding gravel where needed. Their crew worked quickly and efficiently, taking great care to not harm nearby shrubbery, and finishing it on schedule, and at their estimated cost. We’ve since had them perform other work, and have always found them to be proficient, on time, and attentive to our concerns. We highly recommend them. 

Dick and Bobbi Strom, Bainbridge Island

Fantastic.  He did a really good job, put down the right gravel and got rid of the really deep holes.  It was well worth the money.  He did a super job for us.  Hilltop Tree Farm is extremely satisfied.  

Bruce Hedderly-Smith, Hilltop Tree Farm, Poulsbo

I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my driveway. It is a pleasure to come home and not have to ride the bumps all the way down. You have always been so helpful and very professional. I am looking forward to having you build the retaining wall and fix my drainage problems. 

Melodee Smith, Poulsbo

Jeff — Thanks for the help — it’s gorgeous!  [community road repair]

Michael Milligan, Broomgerrie Road Association, Bainbridge Island