It has been called to our attention that our water features have appeared in many home and land magazines; if you see Goller Grade & Gravel LLC mentioned in a publication, would you please let us know?

Spring 2012

Jeff is one of the CAC’s (Certified Aquascape Contractors) featured in this new Aquascape video:

Why hire a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) for your water feature project?  Watch this short video to find out:  

Winter 2012

New product controls pond algae:  For your next pond clean-out ask us to install the Iongen.  Clear algae from your pond up to 25,000 gallons at less than $1 a month with Aquascape’s IonGen Water Clarifier. IonGen costs significantly less than UV sterilizers to run – as much as 17 times less on a 6,000 gallon pond. This unit is not only safe for your wallet but also safe for all fish, plants and animals. Ultra-low levels of algae-killing copper, silver and zinc ions safely kills floating and string algae. Self-cleaning, replaceable probe lasts about 1-3 seasons depending on water quality. Electronic indicator lets you know when to replace probe.

In February, we attended Pond Guy Peer Group, at Aqualand near Chicago, Illinois. 

The Pond Guy Peer Group (PGPG) is the brainchild of Greg Wittstock, CEO of Aquascape, Inc. In Summer of 2011 Jeff was invited to join this elite group.  The purpose of each PGPG is to provide a forum for business owners in the water garden industry to come together to enrich each others’ personal and business lives by bonding and providing peer-to-peer support. The main objectives of every PGPG are to:

  • Provide a supportive community for a meaningful exchange of ideas by people who experience common issues and who want to build a more successful and satisfying professional and personal life and have fun doing it.
  • Recognize and encourage leadership and other talents within the PGPG.

Summer 2011

Bainbridge in Bloom

Goller Grade & Gravel was honored to be invited to be the sole landscape contractor at the annual Bainbridge in Bloom garden tour.  We had a great time and are looking forward to the next.

2011 Pondemonium

Goller Grade & Gravel attended Pondemonium at Aqualand, Aquascape, Inc.’s headquarters near Chicago, where Goller Grade & Gravel was given the Business of Character award.  Pondemonium is the water garden industry’s premiere business and networking event.

Goller Grade & Gravel LLC worked with the Aquascape team to create a sustainable water feature and native habitat for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  The design philosophy behind the pond and stream project was to mimic a native Illinois stream with the associated flora and fauna.  The water feature is not merely decorative, but serves as one of the Shedd’s exhibits and is meant to educate visitors about the importance of native habitats and how we can all make a positive impact on our environment. 

The 30’x15’ pond includes a 1,500 gallon sustainable reservoir, which allows operation of the water feature for extended periods without rainfall. The 50-foot stream and waterfalls were created with large, weathered limestone, giving the feature an aged appearance while providing a role in water chemistry as the stream receives dissolved minerals from the stone. Two hydraulically engineered, 9PL energy-efficient pumps power the stream with a combined flow rate of 12,000 gallons per hour.

An oversized wetland was included in the design to serve as a large, aquatic planting bed to introduce native aquatic plants to the system. The wetland filter incorporates Aquascape’s patented Snorkel® Vault and Centipede® Module technology, thereby providing optimum water quality.

Visitors to the Shedd Aquarium can interact with the water feature, located at the bus drop-off location on Solidarity Drive. For more information on the Shedd Aquarium, visit

Winter 2009

As a Certified Aquascape Contractor, Jeff has been invited by The Aquascape foundation to be part of its team constructing water purification systems for our neighbors in need around the globe who need access to clean drinking water. Plans are presently being made for trips to Ghana, Africa in January of 2009, and the Dominican Republic in the spring of 2009 to install Rain Water Harvesting Systems for people in need.

Summer 2009 Bainbridge Island Review  article: Banker turned landscaper whistles while he works.

Summer 2008

Goller Grade & Gravel LLC assisted with construction of a water feature for Wolfhaven in Tenino, Washington to provide a beautiful entry to the wolf viewing areas.

Kitsap Sun:

Goller Grade & Gravel was the first general contractor/construction company in Kitsap County to be named an EnviroStar!   Quoted from the Kitsap County Business Journal: 

Goller Grade & Gravel LLC is again awarded 4 stars, the highest certification available for a company of its size.

As an installer of landscaping hardscapes and water features, the firm integrates environmentally friendly practices and products into its projects. Only biodegradable, low toxicity products are used. Even the marking paint used for landscaping is biodegradable. Most work site waste is recycled, including asphalt, yard waste, tree limbs and branches, scrap metals and demolition debris. Very little waste is sent to a landfill. Best management practices are used for the small amount of hazardous wastes generated — typically from vehicle maintenance. These include spill prevention, containment and labeling.

Grading & Excavating Contractor Magazine
Jeff was interviewed for the July/August issue of Grading & Excavation Contractor magazine about Tires & Tracks.  You can read it online at (scroll 3/4 of the way down the page to read Jeff’s quotes).  



The most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry, we are proud to be one of only several CACs in Washington state.

Special Offers:

Water Garden: A complete 15×20 pond with choice of rock, waterfall, in-pond lighting and approximately 25 pond plants.  Call for pricing.

Pondless Waterfall:  No maintenance and child-friendly, includes up to a 15′ stream (one day install).  Call for pricing.

Open House
We invite you to call us for a viewing or attend one of our Moonlight Madness Pond Tours , held twice yearly, where we enjoy our four water features and sip hot cider and roast s’mores by our three outdoor fireplace and fire pits.