Our Services

Water Gardens:  Ponds, Streams, Waterfalls, Rain Gardens and Rainwater Harvesting

Perhaps the most artistic and exciting element of our  repertoire of landscape abilities is creating water features.  Jeff is renowned for his waterscapes, and has installations from Kitsap county to as far away as California and his work has appeared in many publications and magazines.  We are honored to have earned the title of Certified Aquascape Contractor (one of only a few  in Washington state).  We believe that everyone wants a water feature, they just may not know it yet!  No project is too large or small and there is little or no maintenance!  We have display water gardens available for viewing, be sure to contact us to come take a look!   

Driveway Repairs & Gravel Road Work

Gravel driveway building or repair; grading, smoothing and compacting — this is our drawing card.  We do beautiful driveways (we are told the best in Kitsap County).  Unless properly graded, ruts and potholes reappear with usage (water and speed are also main culprits).  GOLLER GRADE & GRAVEL LLC also corrects road drainage problems and leaves a smooth, vibratory compacted roadway (see our TESTIMONIALS).  

Rock Retaining Walls

Decorative and structural rock retaining walls from rockery size to large three-man tiered walls and bulkheads, including steps, patios and seating.   We have gone as far as Mount Rainer and the Cascades for specialty rock.  We are known for our beautiful, solidly built rock walls and stairs.  There is an art to rock setting — we take great care and the finished result says it all.   

Land Development and Landscaping

GOLLER GRADE & GRAVEL LLC offers a full range of garden planning, design and economical solutions for nature’s problems including pruning by hand or with our gas-powered pole saw, creation of meadows, decorative berms and paths, sod or seed lawn installation, weed flaming; professional, commercial grade outdoor and water feature lighting installation, the list goes on.  We have also had the pleasure of working with some of our nation’s premier garden designers, landscape architects and engineers.   

Outdoor Lighting and Hardscapes

We offer a full range of commercial grade outdoor lighting and beautiful stone outdoor kitchens, including fireplaces, ovens and outdoor entertainment areas.

Hauling & Clean-Up Services        

Our five-yard dump truck hauls and delivers numerous products (see PRODUCTS).   GOLLER GRADE & GRAVEL also offers complete clean-up and hauling away.   We leave the area neat and regrade, landscape or install lawn as requested.

Brush & Field Cutting

Results are quick with our amazing commercial brush cutter.  Shrubs, blackberries and small trees are mulched into small pieces.  Reclaim your property!  

Drainage Systems

We offer water diversion for many applications, including French drains and curtain drains.  Is your driveway muddy?Perhaps there is a drainage problem and the grade needs to be corrected.  Is your basement flooding?  We probably have the solution.

Other Services

We offer many other services, please ask about them.  Need a horse arena?  A parking lot created?  From cleanup to installation of lawns (sod or seed), we are ready to help you beautify your property!  For a recent customer we created a beautiful beach in the middle of the woods!  The project was tastefully done and does not look out of place.  Most important, the customer is delighted. 

(Read TESTIMONIALS from our customers).